One comment on “Premature Burial

  1. Keep your head up! You’re playing under one of the worst coaches in Europe. I don’t know who is protecting him but anyone would get fired with that kind of results comparing to roster he has. He puts you out of tge team and than the turkish PG Guller who’s born to be a backup PG and is medicore in attack takes 15 shots in first half! I’m not even a fan of Galata and I’m not from Turkey but it is so obvious that there’s a lot of things going wrong, defense sucks, coaching is awful. No need to spend words…just wanted to give you some support from a country you’ve probably never heard of – Serbia. Hope your’re be playing here in Belgrade next year under a different coach or find your path somewhere else because you are a fantastic player. And your writing is great. Very rare thing among profesional athletes! All the best.

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