6 comments on “The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction

  1. I’ve been a B-ball and an UL fan all of the years ( 58) that I can remember. The #1 thing that I enjoy the most from watching The Card’s, or any other team for that matter, is to see someone grow and learn… An “Overachiever”.
    Watching your career put you at the top of that list. It has been an enormous pleasure watching your development. I Wish you all the best and keep plugging away. Your attitude will take you even further…basketball or life in general.
    Thanks for the memories and keep the Card Nation proud

  2. Russ, Your one of my all-time favorite cardinals! i can’t wait till the day that you get to play more for the Pelicans! I know you will make them a better team one day! They are lucky to have such a hard worker on their team.

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  4. Russ, You know you have the Love from Card Fans everywhere. I have an image of the Yum Center filled up to capacity with a loudly cheering “sea of red” of fans who support and care about you. Just like you have heard before. Not just you the basketball player but the young man who has so much personality and character who has brought himself so far. We are all in your corner. I do have to admit that I am not a huge fan of the handle “Russdiculous”. I know you and Coach P. have a unique and special relationship that involves much mutual care and respect that extends beyond my understanding. I will just say that to me you are Russ Smith, an amazing athlete and person. I know I speak for Cardinal fans everywhere that we believe and know that you will prevail in your life. It has been a pleasure so far and we will be looking forward to reading and hearing about what is to come for you in the years ahead. Peace, my man.

  5. I didn’t know anything about an NBA d league. Now I watch the mad ants. Stay tough Russ. I hope my kids get to watch you someday.

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