2 comments on “Social Media is a Big Deal

  1. Russdiculous,

    Social media can make us or break us! As you said high profile celebrities and national championship athletes have to maintain a sense of being a role model because eyes are always looking at you. There is no such thing as privacy for “high profile” folks unless you never use the internet and your face isn’t on there. It is pretty sad to say that social media can destroy someone’s life over something as small as a conversation between two people or a screenshot of a snapchat can ruins someone’s reputation. We see and hear about it everyday, so is there more advantages or disadvantages to social media?

  2. Russdiculous,

    Everyday you have to worry about what you post on twitter or instagram. There is no privacy for as you said a “high profile” person. Social media is controlling the world. Too many sites including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and so much more are destroying the communication that people have in real life conversation because everyones nose is in their phone, tablet or laptop. People are forgetting how to talk to others, but when you do talk if it isn’t about sports then what are you talking about? Social media… what you seen, saw or spoke (messages) on the internet earlier that day or week. A decade ago you would hear the phrase money makes the world go around, now what do you believe makes the world go around? Technology & the internet… if the world didn’t have the internet, or just social media, then I think people would begin to be at their breaking point. I, however, will be watching my LOUISVILLE CARDS KICK BUTT during games 🙂 Careful what you post .

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